Pear, raspberry and cilantro salad

20130902_135834After our morning coffee date, my friends and I decided to stop by a small vegetable stand a couple blocks down the street and pick out some fresh ingredients to make a refreshing summer salad. We bough a giant head of lettuce, three lemon cucumbers and a pear for only $1.95. We were in shock at what a bargain we got and proceeded to gather the rest of the ingredients by stopping by all three of our houses.

First stop: My House. My fridge was embarrassingly barren so all we were able to pick up at my house was the cilantro dressing and marinated artichoke hearts.

Next stop: Sarah’s House. Definitely benefited from Sarah’s fridge full of goodies. We were able to pick up raspberries, a red bell pepper and sparkling water.

Last stop: Elaine’s House. I immediately started chopping when we got to Elaine’s house, where we were also able to add baby sweet peppers and spinach.

Once everything was washed, sliced and thrown into the bowl, we headed out to Elaine’s charming backyard patio to enjoy our Labor Day concoction. The cilantro dressing paired perfectly with the sweet raspberries and pear. I must say, we were quite pleased with what we were able to pull together on such a whim. Next time you don’t feel like going to the grocery store, I definitely recommend checking out your local farmer’s market and your friend’s fridge.


20130902_135513 20130902_135609 20130902_135825 20130902_135949 20130902_135958


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