Kitchen Gadget Series: The Microplane

20130304_132636After years of watching Rachael Ray zest a lemon or top pasta with freshly grated parmesan cheese, I decided it was time to put a microplane on my Christmas list. Santa was kind enough to put one under the tree that year and I have been hooked ever since to the versatile must-have kitchen utensil.

The microplane literally has an endless list of uses in my kitchen. However, my favorites include grating garlic, as it is much easier than finely mincing with a knife, and creating chocolate shavings for adding a fancy punch to almost any dessert. I highly recommend investing in a microplane due to its many uses and ways in which it will simplify your life. It will not only simplify the process, but also add a dimension of flavor that you never thought possible.

Here is a list of my top 5 ways to use a microplane (that I haven’t already mentioned):

1. Fresh nutmeg/cinnamon – perhaps on top of a large glass of eggnog?!

2. Lemon and lime zest – always adds a refreshingly bold flavor to baked goods or sautéed vegetables

3. Ginger – great way to get a fine, juicy pulp, rather than finely chopping

4. Nuts – just like a dusting of chocolate, nuts are another great dessert topping

5. Hard cheeses – parmesan, romano, asiago, etc. on your favorite Italian dish

Debating on which microplane to buy based on what you think you will use it the most for? Here are some helpful tips on how to decide which one is right for you!

Bon Appetit Magazine also offers their opinion for the best uses for a microplane and how it is often overlooked as one of the most helpful kitchen gadgets.

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